We buy comics!  We buy golden age comics, silver age comics, bronze age comics, and key issues of any age.  We also buy graphic novels, vintage action figures, toys, statues and more.  We buy Star Trek, Star Wars, Buffy, superheroes, rock’n roll, political, and and almost any kind of pop culture memorabilia you can think of. When you think “how can I sell my comics”, think of Midtown. 


Please email us and include the complete list of items for sale at webuy@midtowncomics.com

3 Responses to “We buy comics and collectibles!”

  1. about 30 amazing spider man and 20 luke cage

    Posted by andell browne on 12/13/09 February 12th, 2015 at 1:48 pm

  2. I have 4 white boxes of 1980’s and 1990’s comics (Marvel, DC, Valiant, and some Image). I have notable series including:

    Moon Knight
    The Incredible Hulk
    Silver Surfer
    Captain America
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Dr. Strange
    The Amazing Spiderman
    Spectacular Spiderman
    Web of Spiderman
    West Coast Avengers
    She Hulk
    Sensational She-Hulk
    The Defenders
    Mister Miracle
    The Doom Patrol
    Suicide Squad

    and more.

    I’d love to bring them by the shop for appraisal
    or I can send you a full excel sheet with all the titles and info.

    look forward to hearing from you. Also if there is a comic trade in day coming up at one of your locations please let me know.

    Thank you.


    Posted by Gage Seber on 12/13/09 December 4th, 2016 at 4:17 pm

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